Tattoos and Prostitution: Is Being Inked a Stain on Your Character?

The tattoo has always been a mark of rebellion, against god the creator and upon our perfect skin. Sailors had tattoos, traditionally, as marks shared between co-conspirators, men who lived not on land but plied their trade at sea. The Maori warrior proudly wore facial tattoos to signify his connection to the sacred; these tattoos were chiselled into his face. Today the tattoo is worn by many women in the adult entertainment industry and some sex workers. Tattoos and prostitution: is being inked a stain on your character?

Mothers, generally, hated their sons getting a tattoo; and now that their daughters are getting in on the act, I would imagine some unkind words have been spoken. A mother carries that child within her for nine months and then gives birth to a perfect child with lovely soft skin. Does she want that perfect skin permanently stained with lurid images drawn in ink? In the majority of cases I don’t think so. The rebellious act of getting a tattoo can make a statement as to the character of the recipient. Many tattoos on women are hidden somewhere that only an intimate will gain access to; perhaps during an erotic massage.

When your girlfriend or lover peels off her clothes and you catch sight of the inked sign of the devil, will you immediately think to yourself, you cheap whore? Or, will you be excited at the opportunity of having sex with a cheap whore who bears a tattoo or two? Men are excited by the opportunity to put their dicks into places where they shouldn’t or don’t usually do. A femme fatal with ink upon her skin; the emo chick in black with piercings and tattoos; and girls, generally, sporting tattoos all arouse the stolid male with imaginings of doing something wicked with someone immoral.

Whore, slut, harlot, are all terms to brand the female who breaks the unspoken moral code; and if she taunts us by then wearing a tattoo, well watch out girlie. Many younger kids today, think that the world has changed in regard to morality and social acceptance; but underneath the veneer of fashion these things don’t really ever change. Societal attitudes to sexuality are rooted deeply in the past. Men want virgins to marry and control; they may fuck a slut for a fling but rarely take her home. Resist the temptation to ink your skin and you will reap the rewards as you grow into your adulthood. Tattoos, unlike other fashions, cannot be easily removed, and your rebellious teenage years are then worn upon you like some aged pop band forever making comeback tours.