With the explosion in the number of young men and women getting tattooed over the last decade or two, there is now a concurrent demand for tattoo removal. A quarter of all Australians under the age of thirty have a tattoo, according to research carried out in 2013. It is estimated that twenty five percent of those tattooed young Australians wish to have their tattoo removed. The psychology associated with this act of rebellion means that many people lose their love for their tattoos as they grow up or older. What was once associated with a frission of excitement is now, merely, a social embarrassment. ‘I Love Mike’ is not so cool when you are about to marry someone called Geoff. So, there is a market for professional tattoo removal.

How to set up a tattoo removal parlour, well, with some capital it is fairly easy. In Australia, you do not need to have a medical qualification to remove tattoos with laser therapy. You can buy a Tattoo Removal Laser Machine for the body on eBay for seven thousand Australian dollars and smaller machines for facial tattoos for less than a couple of grand. In fact, you can buy an entire laser tattoo removal business for thirty five thousand dollars on eBay; I imagine that is a business based on home visits to clients who wish to have their tattoos removed, so it is basically equipment with possibly some goodwill. The finance required to set up a tattoo removal parlour would be more about the leasehold of the shop than anything else.

Specialists like www.businessloanss.com.au are very experienced at helping people overcome the financial hurdles that may get in their way and possibly prevent them from achieving their dreams. They will help you understand how to set up a tattoo removal parlour and provide the financial investment to make it happen. The demand is there for this service, the set up in terms of capital investment is modest, and finding a good location is dependent upon the business model you choose. Do you go for maximum bricks and mortar exposure on the high street, which means large rents, or do you take a low visibility physical venue and promote through the Internet, spending less on rent and more on digital marketing. I would say that in the short term you can make more money by choosing the latter strategy, but in the long term when your business is well established and profitable you may choose to relocate to the high street location.