As we get older, wiser and more mature, we tend to mull over on the decisions we made over the past years or so. More often than not, the repercussions of these resolves stay with us more protracted that what we’d expect. One’s wayward youth may have caused one to get inked with some crazy tattoos. But as a person reaches his/her prime, he/she may want to do away with the provocative, or even sexy, tattoos. Clearly, maturity means a reappraisal of your tattoos.

Maturity Means a Reappraisal of Your Tattoos

Over the years, tattoos have become mainstream and socially allowable, especially in the Western culture. But as years passed by, a question holds us; “How will I feel about this tattoo in 20 years? 30 years?” According to a British poll, around 75 percent of inked Brits regret about getting tattoos. A complete life change out of early life career choices may drive a person to have his/her tattoos removed.

In the United States, tattoo removal is on its way up. This trend shows that as more Americans get inked, the more people are having it taken off. Thanks to innovations in laser removal technology, scrubbing off tattoos is now painless and easier than ever. Moreover, this number tells us that American’s mid-life crisis also pushes them to re-evaluate their tattoos. As a matter of fact, people aged 35 to 50 account for 40 percent of tattoo removals in the country in 2013. What’s more is that those aged 65 and over constitute the 10 percent of removal procedures that same year. Indeed, maturity means a reappraisal of your tattoos, may it be “late maturity” or not.

The maturity of a person contributes to most of his/her life decisions. When we were young, it is highly likely that we did certain things without weighing the pros and cons, or thinking about the consequences. Getting inked may actually give the impression that we are cool, or was the cosmopolitan thing to do. But several studies show that it can be a source of regret as we age, and that maturity means a reappraisal of your tattoos.

If there is one thing that you can take away from this, it is that think before you get inked.