The top reasons why people remove their tattoos can greatly differ. Individualistic, daredevil, risk taker. Such is how we perceive people with tattoos. Because tattoos are forever. Well, it was, then. With the help of modern technology and tattoo removal places in cities like Sydney, tattoos are no longer permanent and can now be removed through treatments either by laser or replacing it known as cover-up.

This is great news for anybody who has had a tattoo that they want to remove and forget they ever had them. Maybe it was a name once important to them, now no longer. Here’s top reasons why people remove their tattoos and thanking heavens that finally they are able to.

  • The tattoo has lost its meaning – a couple tat then the couple had a spat and it’s over. The tattoo simply has to go, too. Or perhaps a personality change or change in tastes. The teenager you once was no longer is. The bands, the Hollywood stars, jumping on trends and inking it for posterity. Which took about 8 years. Now you’re different. More embarrassed than happy at seeing that reminder of your youthful exuberance. Or the tattoo has faded, now really distorted and irregular. You want to remove it first see how it looks before redoing it. Options.


  • There never should have been – a drunken night out with your buddies after graduation. Someone gets a bright idea. You wanted a tattoo but not this poorly done one. Not at all what it should have looked like


  • Moving on – getting a career or a career change, joining the military or a career shift. Moving up the corporate world, attending corporate events where tattoos are frowned on a little. A reassessment of life and want no reminders of the past. New goals, new life, new you.

Surprising as it may seem, it would appear that the reasons one is inclined to get a tattoo is exactly the same reason they want to remove it. Identity, individuality, affirmation and adding to it, opportunities, acceptance, growth.