Celebrity Tattoos

celebrity tattoosAustralia is among the countries in the world, where going “inked” has become a common practice. In fact, a national survey shows that 19 percent of male Australians, or one in five, have a tattoo. The statistics are higher in women, wherein 24 percent of them are inked, or one in four Aussies. This number is not that overwhelming since celebrity tattoos are typical among supermodels, musicians, artists, athletes and even Bay Watch look-alikes.

Celebrity tattoos are believed to be just a part of the modern-day curiosity and spectacle, and have a historical connection to pirates and criminals. According to The Telegraph, tattooing is similar to other types of adornments. Its trends vary depending on the overtone. Today, this “body art” has gone mainstream, thanks to celebrity tattoos. Each tattoo has a meaning and/or significance. Here are some examples of popular celebrity tattoos and their meanings.

Coolest Celebrity Tattoos and their Meanings

  • Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is the living proof that tattooed women are sexy as hell. In addition, the UN Goodwill Ambassador debunks the notion that tattooed people are bad people.

Jolie’s most conspicuous and probably the most popular tattoo is the one on her left shoulder. We are not talking about her old tattoo tribute to ex-hubby Billy Bob Thornton, but the one with the coordinates of the birthplaces of her children and of her now ex-husband, Brad Pitt. Will she also remove Pitt’s coordinates on her arm now that they are getting divorced?

  • Rihanna

It seems like each time we see Rihanna at red carpet events, she is sporting a new tattoo. According to reports, her first celebrity tattoo was an image of two musical notes. Eleven years later, the RnB superstar has at least 15 tattoos all over her body. In her TV guesting on Ellen, she explained the tattoo on her right clavicle. It reads as “Never failure. Always a lesson.”, but was written backwards. Riri told Ellen that she had her tattoo that way so that each time she looks in the mirror, Riri can read it and realise that mistakes are okay. We just don’t have to repeat them.

  • Manny Pacquiao

The eight-time World Boxing Champion is also a fan of getting inked. Manny Pacquiao, a boxer and a member of the Senate of the Philippines, used to do tattoos on himself when he was a teenager. Among his tattoos are the names of his wife and children, a boxing glove and a rosary necklace, which he says is his lucky charm. Moreover, Pacquiao has a tattoo business in LA — Manny Pacquiao Merchandise and Tattoo.

  • Adam Levine

Adam Levine is the perfect epitome of a desirable man: good looks, chiseled body, talented and sporting some sexy inks. The Internet was set ablaze when photos of his super hot photoshoot circulated online. Not only that he was completely naked (only two hands were covering his genitals), but his masculinity and tattooed body are too much to handle.

Levine has a Sanskrit tattoo on his left side, which demonstrates his passion for Yoga. He also has tattoos dedicated to his mom, and a “Los Angeles” marking that indicates his birthplace.