The world has gone tougher. And more macho, it seems. Modern tattoos and brands have gone hard core. But will it go mainstream?

Tattoo has been with mankind throughout history. It is a cultural heritage. It signifies their status, position even order of birth. It has gone on to be accepted something like they are sort of modern day accessory, part of their identity. This is probably why there is a lot of tattoo parlours popping up everywhere

Branding, though, is a little extreme. It doesn’t have as an illustrious history quite like tattoos. Brandr – which is what the word brand came from in Ancient Norse, meant or referred to burning wood. Branding is a form of scarification which also includes cutting and skin removal. Branding have been prevalent in rural areas for identification and to signify ownership. It was usually done on cows and cattle. Ancient Romans have also branded their runaway slaves. Most other cultures have used branding on slaves or conquered people. And criminals for the most part of history have been branded for their crimes. 

These days, people are asking to be branded intentionally for creative scars for real. These are permanent marks made on the body by a very hot or very cold instrument. Getting one is a serious decision that should not be taken lightly. It could have very serious repercussions.


Body modification is becoming more of a trend because of the thinking it is easier now to remove such things. But scar removal and tattoo removal is very expensive and sometimes not very effective for such brands. Keloids or the raised skin which is what the pattern is going to be and what branding is after, does not raise in a uniform manner on every skin. 

It also takes longer to heal and can be more prone to infection. There is still some debate as to leaving it to heal versus irritating it for the scar to be more prominent. 

Still caution is advised. Everything has to be considered. Some people even tattoo over the brand to make it more pronounced. Branding, though, can perhaps be removed but the time it will take to actually remove it might seem to go on forever.