Living With Tattoo Regret?

Living with Tattoo RegretPeople get inked for various reasons. Some use it to channel what they feel, while others, such as tattooed cam girls, get inked for work. The culture of tattooing has become a global sensation that you will see celebrity tattoos in print and on screen every now and then. In addition, tattoo shops have spread like wildfire and that you can see them in every nook and corner of the city.

Almost everyone loves to get tattoos. Sometimes, it is a result of an impulsive purchase. In most cases, those who did not think twice before getting inked are now living with tattoo regret.

Tattoo Removal and Living with Tattoo Regret

Like any tattoo junkie, Hollywood stars are also living with tattoo regret. For instance, Justin Bieber is quite known for having tattoos with religious meanings and of relating to significant people in his life. One of them is his ex-sweetheart Selena Gomez. According to the pop heartthrob’s interview with GQ, he tried removing Gomez’s tattooed face.

Ordinary people also feel remorseful about their markings. As a matter of fact, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery said that there is an increasing trend of people having their tattoos removed, and they are paying a lot for it. In addition, tattoo removal surgeries can be painful, especially if the tattoo is deep and used complex inks. On average, 10 to 15 laser surgery sessions are needed to completely remove a normal-sized tattoo. With an average tattoo removal session costing $400 to $800, this means that one would need at least $4000 to clean off an inked marking in his/her body.

According to the Daily Mail Online, people want to remove their tattoos because they fear of having tramp stamps. In addition, some have trepidations about what will they look like as they get older, while others think that tattoos are bad for business. The society’s notion that tattooed people are promiscuous is also a driving factor in avoiding living with tattoo regret. Moreover, tattoo junkies with inks of misspelled words and bad images often want to undergo tattoo removal procedures than live a life of shame.