History of the Tattoo

Tattoos have been around for quite some time making its application a normal everyday practice to some. They are often recognized by its unique ink ideas from traditional black-and-grey designs to full-color portraits. For some knowing the history of tattoo helps deepen their appreciation to the art. Let us look at where tattoo and its practice originated.

History of the Tattoo

Tattoo comes from the Tahitian word “tatu” which means “to make something.” It is believed that tattoo has long since existed 12,000 years ago and this since seen with mummified preserved skin, ancient art, and the archaeological record possessing them. The practice of tattooing was reported to be spread by the ancient Egyptians throughout the world. The art of tattooing had found its way to Southeast Asia and the Ainu by 2000 B.C then brought it with them on their migrations to Japan. China has also introduced the craft to the Burmese including them as part of their religious practices.

To get a much clearer picture, a number of museums features tattoo history as one of their major exhibits. A good example of this can be found with Tattooed New York, a new exhibition at the New-York Historical Society which examines three centuries of tattooing in New York. The exhibit will feature more than 250 works dating from the early 1700s to today—exploring Native American body art, tattoo craft practiced by visiting sailors, sideshow culture and many more.

There is also Tattoo exhibit at Grunwald Gallery titled, “Indiana Tattoo: History and Legacy.” The exhibit takes a comprehensive approach to all things Indiana tattoo and explores the state’s history of tattooing, famous tattoo artists from history and contemporary tattoo artists.

Another noteworthy exhibit takes place at The Field Museum’s “Tattoo” exhibition. The exhibit explores the global phenomenon of tattooing around the world over time. The exhibit also features 125 objects telling the story of tattooing, including ancient historical artifacts and intricate contemporary designs tattooed onto silicone models of the human body.

What’s great about some of these exhibits is that attendees will be able to get a tattoo for themselves if they want one during their visit. You can get a tattoo at the Field Museum which is pretty convenient helping save their guests a fair amount of time. Getting tattoo from a professional is very important especially since they carry risk especially when done by an inexperienced tattoo artist. In fact, the FDA has issued warning about dangers of tattoo ink following consumer complaints. Some people have reported sensitivity, allergic reactions and infections. This is the reason why getting a tattoo from exhibits is quite handy as these are performed by professional tattoo artists who have refined their skills and craft over the years.

Tattoo can be a great conversation starter to people who share similar taste and preference. You can discuss the tattoos that you possess and their reason on getting it as well as the meaning behind them. However, talking to someone who is not interested in them may net you negative remarks  You can learn more about the art of tattoo with ACM Group coming from people who shows the same appreciation and love for the craft. Learn more about the history of tattoo with us and also consider attending some of the exhibits mentioned earlier above.