Getting a tattoo is gaining popularity with each day. It is hardly something that is given attention as more people are opting to be inked. No longer is tattoo something that would signify a person with low morals, a sailor or a rebel. Now a chef, a doctor even a pastor can have one or several tattoos. A sampling made by Canadian economists of 1104 people reveal why there is an increase in tattoo popularity even if it means a blow to their career choices.

This research circulated in the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, had the participants take tests and were asked to fill out a questionnaire dealing with aspects of their life.The tests and questions are formed in such a way that it reveals the subjects patience and present-oriented responses. They are also given an altered style of the Cognitive Reflection Test. People with low results on this CRT test would usually are regarded as impetuous and rash. Of the study subjects, those with visible tattoos (those that are harder to cover up) are more daring and less thoughtful than those without tattoos.

The study purports that non-tattooed individuals manage their money and finances better and are more ready for retirement. They also tend to indulge less on bad habits (drinking, smoking) than those with tattoos. It even suggests that non-inked persons are less likely to have anything controversial online.

A couple of emphasis on the study reveals that those with harder to cover tattoos have a stronger religious inclinations and that a woman with able-to-hide tattoos neither exhibits hastiness nor affects their being present-oriented.

This study also concludes that those with visible tattoos are less concerned with how their ink is going to affect their careers. There are still occupations that are considered not for ‘visibly tattooed’ people, like medicine. But to a mechanic, it would be alright to have a few. Even bartenders, chefs or artists. A mother would rather a babysitter with no ink than one with several to be minding her precious child. 


The study also points out that there are more tattooed Australian women than men majority of which had a picture or symbol inked on their skin. It suggests that the tattoos have replaced the markers or is a current symbolism for life’s current highlights and chapters and as such have very deep meaning.

Symbol or not, there are still some who have regrets about their ink, about a quarter have considered tattoo removal and two tenths would not want their child getting a tattoo.