Getting inked is awesome. It speaks to a person’s identity and individuality. A tattoo is bound to be one of the most important decisions you will make. And meaningful. Although, gone are the days when a tattoo is with you for life. Somehow with tattoo removals, getting inked is not as much as a commitment as it once was. Because now you can erase them as soon as your skin heals from being tattooed. But you wanted this tattoo why would you want to erase it? It is not as if you would put just anything on your body permanently, right? Well, sometimes there isn’t a choice. If it is your first time, chances are the hype is more exciting than the reality. And the image is not the same as one on you.

And if they get the ink wrong… Now this is a nightmare. The time spent, the enthusiasm of getting the tattoo done can sometimes wane a little. But the desire is still there, wrong spelling and all. Tattoo removal to the rescue! Wait, why not just a cover-up instead?

First things first. Laser tattoo removal is not like an eraser and not so easily administered. It is a specialised, expensive even painful process. Considerations have to be made for the size and colours used in the tattoo and also color of skin pigment. The darker the skin pigment, the more complicated it gets. The lighter, brightly coloured ones like purple, white and yellow can be incredibly challenging to remove. Not every laser centers nor spas can do it safely and effectively. So choose your places wisely.


Depending on the size and colours of the original tattoo, having a cover-up done without tattoo removal is going to be difficult. Also the original tattoo can easily overpower the cover-up. Getting a laser tattoo removal first before covering it up can save you more time and money than having it done right after. It can also make the final piece more stunning than you originally thought. This is because tattoo removal can lighten up faded or not really right colours and giving the cover-up more leg room to make it beautiful.