Our Equipment

Tattoos have been a practice since ages by some indigenous tribes for religious purposes. Recently become mainstream as a form of body modification. Their popularity is growing and becoming more acceptable in parts of the world. A perfect tattoo needs well-equipped essential supplies. So, what are the tools behind this work of art?

Like any other service shops, equipment must be available to have a successful procedure. More importantly, should render good services to their clients. The same thing goes with tattoo studios. Artists utilize necessary equipment to make their customers satisfied and happy. Thermal copier, tattoo machines, tattoo ink, tattoo needles, flash designs, tattoo power and accessories, and a tattoo chair are among the primary supplies for tattooing.

Our Equipment

The most important tool is the tattoo machine or tattoo gun and what most artists call the ‘shootin iron’. Its main function is to apply the tattoo into the skin so it is responsible for making the tattoo good or bad.

Comes next is the needles. This supply is equally indispensable. A skilled tattooist, uses needles in different arrangements and styles produce strokes and shades, thus, explain their designs and shapes. Rounded ones are for making lines and flat shaped needles are for the shading. A skilled tattooist, takes note that used needles are cleaned and sterilized before using them with another person.

Undoubtedly, needles are useless without the ink. Artists commonly use black.

Some designs can be known as flash designs. Some of this readily made art can be amazing or just mediocre. So that’s why some studios include another significant tool in their kit to make sure they can render an impressive result to their clients who have preferred designs. This material is called the thermal copier. The thermal copier gets the desired tattoo design accurately. How does this one work? The thermal copier duplicates the design then eventually transfers it to the skin of the person being tattooed.

The power source, is another important supply. Since the tattoo machine is not power generated, external source is required. The whole process can take hours to finish and the sitting positions depend on the part of the body is focused. The tattoo artists in a professional medical clinic use a special kind of chair that is intended for specific target and which also makes the person sitting not to feel uncomfortable.

Furthermore, gloves, grips, rubber bands, cleaning equipment, ink caps, and some others are among the supplies available in any studios.

A craftsman, considers tools are their important weapon.  Hence, a successful and effective tattoo artist lies on the devices in his hands.