Wearable technology. Gone are the days when technology is just a bunch of nuts and bolts. Machines, robots and the future. The future is here. Technology is presenting us with more ways of connecting with others.  From smart TVs to smart watches and even smart clothing. One can only expect it to take on more unprecedented forms. In more and more innovative structures and styles that can be more useful than the next.

It didn’t take long to incorporate technology with our biometrics as a form of identification. It has long been used for additional security. Fingerprints, retinal scan and iris recognition are used for identity to open doors, files, etc. Microchipping and other data related technology on your skin or under is slowly being made the next step for wearable technology.

Innovation and individualism collide on this new development of consumer wireless technology. It used to be that wearable health devices, electronics to track heart rate or blood sugar levels, were crucial but hardly pretty. MIT scientists are testing if tattoos can be used as fashionable technology. Now with this advancement, tattoos can serve more than an aesthetic and singular purpose.


Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are looking into the possibility of a fashionable, functional and affordable tattoos. The tattoos are going to be able to wirelessly control electronic devices. Among others it is projected that using Bluetooth technology wearers can turn on or off, change volume and communicate other commands to a music player using their tattoo with a tap or swipe.

This is a huge step for integrating fashion with function and technology. It shows also that wearable technology can be inexpensive. This is great news for the medical field.

Although it does open up a new host of questions and risks as most technologies often are prone to. How safe is it? How secure is it? It would be interesting to see where this leads to.